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Coach Cands 

Mama / Herbalife Coach / Healthy Happy Living / A Life of Gratitude 


What I love 


I love being a mama. 

Just over 4 years ago we were blessed with our magic girl and it is has been the most life altering  & wonderfully challenging 4 years of my life. Finding my groove as a mom wasn't easy & at times still isn't. Ive doubted myself & my motherhood abilities; I've compared myself to other moms and I've neglected myself (mind, body & spirit). One year into this newly found mama hood, I decided that if I wanted to be the best mama (& wife) I needed to start treating myself like one. I began to prioritise myself; in the most simplest of ways. Having breakfast, showering first before getting anybody else ready for their day. The simplest of things done consistently every day literally changed my life. I plugged into this online (& offline) community of health coaches that supported me and held me accountable to my goals; my goal: to feel good, and for that goodness to spill off of me onto my family. So my passion began, I wanted other moms (& dads) to feel the same. I wanted others to feel good (most people don't realise how good they can actually feel & how amazing our bodies really are) I have a passion to help others love their bodies and prioritise their health & well being (mind, body & spirit). When you do this for yourself, when you teach others to do the same, you are creating a snowball effect. When I am healthy, happy, looking after myself and have great energy, I am a much better mama (& wife) for it. And as a result I have a happier (& healthier) husband and daughter for it too! (double whammy). I know this can positively impact so many other aspects of life and I feel an obligation in life to share this with others. 


What I do

I am a Herbalife Nutrition coach. I have lived and LOVED this lifestyle for just over 7 years now. I run an online community (via platforms such as facebook and whats app) which allows me to work with anyone, anywhere in the world. This has also allowed me to be with my challenge partners every single step of the way; they have me right there with them, encouraging them and holding them accountable to their daily habits. I teach what I live. I teach balance. I teach self love. And I teach people how to live a healthy, active, well balanced (in mind, body & spirit) life.  I run various 21 day challenges depending on what your goal or need is :) These challenges include step by step meal plans, workouts , an amazing support community and a lifestyle fit for the entire family. 

For more info on my 21 day challenges, connect with me on Facebook or instagram or pop me an email. Every 21 day challenge includes a 5 day intro on how to use our products, personal one on one coaching and daily challenges to get you into action straight away. Our community and challenges promote sustainability and we encourage you to see this as a lifestyle change & something that can positively impact your family / community. 





I am a very proud and blessed wife & mama. My most cherished and valued role in life. Everything I do, every dream I have, they are at the very centre of it all. 

This is us.

My husband and I have been together for 5+ years (married for 3 this year), and what a whirlwind 5 years it has been. We have moved 5 times (in one city), lived with a friend, lived with my in-laws, fostered our magic girl, got engaged, started his new business, got married, adopted our magic girl (thank you Jesus) and moved to a new town. While doing this I have had, and still have the privilege of working from home around our magnificent blessing, our daughter Faith.  

I try to live life in a constant state of gratitude (it has taken me years, many of lifes challenges & DAILY work on my mindset) but it is my motto and my medicine for anything & everything in life. Living life, one precious moment & day at a time. 


Our community  

Weekly health tips, yum recipes, fun workouts and nutrition education.

Lets find out more about you & your wellness needs and goals. Fill out our questionnaire and i'll be in touch to chat about how to get you started 

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